Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A bozo with a microphone...

A Long Time Coming
Well...I've wanted to do a podcast for a long time. I picked up a decent mic and stand a couple years ago with the intent of starting a podcast, focusing on enterprise technology. But, for some reason, I never got around to making it happen. Probably because I secretly hate computers...or I'm lazy...or maybe a combination of the two.

However, over the past couple years, I've been honored to have been invited by NASA, United Launch Alliance, Orbital ATK, and as a representative of several internet media groups, to cover various aspects of our nation's space program. Being a life-long space nerd, this has been one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. And I want to do more of it...and share that enthusiasm with others.

Be Careful What You Wish For
Being a somewhat socially awkward introvert, writing about the events was a natural expression of my thoughts and feelings. The relative safety of a static medium like a blog suited me just fine. I could write words, post the link to Twitter and Facebook...and watch the readers queue up like customers at an ice cream truck...at midnight...in January...in Alaska. But I was ok with that.

Of all the social networks, I'm by far most active on Twitter. I think the brevity of the 140-character limit suits my desire for posting a quick thought...and, really, people seem to interact more freely on Twitter...people who may not normally do so (like celebrities, industry moguls, etc.) on other social platforms, treat Twitter differently. For better or worse.

But I still want to do a podcast. I don't know why, but I do. Maybe it's because I have a face for radio, and a voice suitable for sign language...and I wanted a challenge. Or I'm a glutton for punishment. Granted, I'm a glutton - the middle-age spread is a testament to that - but punishment doesn't sound like me at all.

Space Tweeps are the Best Tweeps
One of the things I've discovered that I really like about the NASA Social events are the people who attend. It would be disingenuous for me to say that I've forged a friendship with all of them...or even a large number of them...but for those with whom I "click", engagement is fairly prolific. And fun. It is through one of these "clicks" that I have been presented an opportunity to take part in a space information venture.

Rachelle Williams (@AstroAnarchy) - along with Gene Mikulka (@genejm29) and Carolina Garza (@g_cgarza167) - has asked me to contribute to a new venture of hers: The Anarchist's Guide to the Universe. Through this media organization, we hope to provide space-oriented podcasts, commentary, live launch coverage, and blogs...from a diverse - and interesting - set of viewpoints. This is out of my comfort zone. But I'm excited. And I hope you'll join us for our inaugural event on March 22, as we provide live commentary of the Orbital ATK OA-6 launch to resupply the International Space Station. I'll post updated information about our coverage as we get closer to the event - or you can follow any/all of the Twitter accounts above...and look for the #AstroAnarchy tag on Twitter - for the latest details.

While I can't say we'll be the most polished...or most knowledgeable...group to have ever covered a launch, I can guarantee you'll see three super smart people - and a bozo with a microphone (me!) - having a great time sharing something about which they're passionate. We hope that you enjoy it enough to engage us with questions/comments, and come back to our group for our future offerings.

Thank you, and I hope we see you March 22.