Sunday, October 26, 2014

As I get older...

Time inexorably marches on...and seemingly speeds up with each passing year. Though I still feel and think of myself as young, I know that forty-two is definitely middle-aged. Does that bother me? No...I really don't think it does. Three of my children have already graduated high school, and the last is a senior. I can't imagine a more perfect spouse and partner than my wife, and my job has recently given me the opportunity to make some major impacts, both locally and nationally. All good stuff.

So, do I feel the call of the 'mid-life crisis'? Yes...kind-of...but maybe not in the way one might think. If, after reading the previous paragraph and doing some "mental math", it should be clear that I started parenthood *very* early - my son was born when I was twenty. So I've spent nearly all of my adult years being a parent (and some of that time as a single parent). That means spare time being devoted to the needs of the children and family.

How does that translate into (kind-of) feeling the tug of a 'mid-life crisis'? Do I want to blow lots of money on a fast sports car? No. Take care of the thinning hair? Nope. Cover the gray? I couldn't care less. So...what is it? Now that an empty nest is a very near reality, I can spend more time on me and doing the things that I want to do. This blog is part of that. I've also built a home studio to support a podcast I've been kicking about for several years. Another of my interests is the space program (as should be obvious from my other posts) and I've been participating in NASA Social events.

Does that really qualify as a 'mid-life crisis'? *I* don't think so...but I'd wager that neither does the guy with a toupee and a convertible Corvette.